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Not Alone Anymore

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1 Not Alone Anymore on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:37 pm


Okay, so I kind of hesitated with posting this one, but I decided to anyway. I will warn you, it involves gay relationships, though there is NO yiff involved. The characters in this story are in no way representative of me or anyone I know, so this concludes my little disclaimer thingy. Enjoy!! Oh, and post comments and or critiques, if you please.

Not Alone
By: Kayle Storm

‘Cause nobody wants to be the last one there
‘Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares
Someone to love with my life in their hands
There’s gotta be someone for me like that.
-Nickelback, “Gotta Be Somebody”

Scott bit his lip as he contemplated the two vials of nail polish in his paw. The fox sighed, trying to decide between the two colors; bright red, or light purple?
“Scott! We’re leaving, hon. Sasha will take you to school, and you’ll have to catch the bus home. We’ll be back on Monday.” Scott shrugged and stuffed both vials into his pocket before opening the bathroom door.
“Okay, mom. Have fun.” The fox heard the front door slam shut, and then the sound of his parent’s car leaving the driveway. They both worked for the same company, so they were out of town a lot, and often at the same time. Scott picked up his backpack and headed for the front door, where Sasha, his sister, was waiting. She was a student at the community college across town from the high school he attended. Anyone could tell that the two foxes were siblings; both had the same dark red coloring, and their eyes and build were similar.
“You ready to go, Scott?”
“Yeah, I guess.” Scott’s heart raced a little as he left the house, with Sasha close behind. The nail polish in his pocket had been liberated from his older sibling’s dresser, and he hoped that she hadn’t noticed, and, if she had, didn’t suspect that he was the culprit.
Sasha unlocked the doors to her beat-up Camry, and the siblings both got in the vehicle. Sasha pulled out of the driveway, and into the street.
“Remember, I won’t be able to pick you up after school. I have a class that runs until four or so.”
Scott nodded. “Yeah, I know.” They pulled up in front of the high school, and Scott exited the car. “See ya later.”
Sasha nodded. “Yeah, have a good day, Scotty.” The car pulled away from the curb, and the fox entered the building, instantly looking for Luke and Mat, his two best friends. Finding them across the cafeteria from where he’d entered, he made a bee line for them. Both were absorbed in their phones, texting. They mumbled a greeting as he approached.
Scott bit his lip. “Um, guys? I need your opinion on something.” Both his friends looked up.
“What’s up?” Mat, a greyhound, flipped his phone shut and stuffed it into his pocket before taking a swig out of the ever-present can of cola he had in his paw.
“Yeah, you never ask our opinion on anything. You just do it regardless.” Luke, a German shepherd, and captain of the football team, leaned back in his seat and stretched. Scott took a deep breath, then reached into his pocket.
“You’ve gotta promise not to freak out.” His friends nodded. The fox looked around, making sure no one was watching, then produced the bottles of nail polish he’d sneaked out of Sasha’s room. Both of his friends gave him a confused look.
“Um… So… What?” Asked Mat. Luke just nodded in agreement with the inquiry. Scott took another deep breath.
“Which one would look good on me?” Luke’s jaw dropped, and Mat suddenly coughed, spewing soda in Scott’s face.
Scott sighed, and his ears drooped. He clenched his fist around the glass bottles. “You said you wouldn’t freak out.”
Luke had partially recovered his composure. “Well, you gotta admit that that was a kind of an ‘out-of-the-blue’ kinda thing, bud.”
Mat laughed uneasily. “Kinda ‘out-of-the-blue’? Dude, that was the absolute most random thing you’ve ever asked us.” The greyhound took another swig of his soda. “So, you’re kidding, right?”
Scott shook his head. “No. Not kidding, not a joke. Seriously, which one?” He opened his paw, once again displaying the nail polish.
Mat groaned. “Shit, you’re serious.” Scott gave him an imploring look, and the greyhound sighed. “Dude, I’m more or less color blind, have no fashion sense. Ask Luke.”
Luke scratched his head. “If you’re serious… The purple. But, why?”
Scott blushed, and shrugged uneasily. “I dunno. It just seems like a good idea.”
Mat looked up at his friend. “I gotta ask, dude. Are you gay?”
Scott gulped. “I… I don’t know. Maybe.” His ears drooped again, and the fox sighed. “Yeah. I’m freaking you out, aren’t I?”
Luke answered first. “Yeah, a little bit, but you’re our buddy. We aren’t gonna disown you or anything.” Mat nodded in agreement as he downed the last of his drink.
“So, you’re actually gonna go through with this?” Scott nodded, and the greyhound cracked a smile.
“Alright. Then we support ya. Just be careful, and don’t get the crap beat out of you or anything. Got it?” Scott nodded.
“Thanks, guys.” The fox glanced at his watch. He had just enough time before class to put on the polish. “I’ll be back in a minute.” His friends nodded and he ran towards the bathroom. As soon as he was gone, Luke turned to Mat.
“Well, that was unexpected.”
Mat shrugged and pulled his phone out again. “Not really.”
“What do you mean by that?”
Mat sighed. “Well, I mean, the suddenness of it was unexpected, but not him being gay.”
Mat gave his friend a surprised look over the top of his phone. “You mean you’ve never noticed?”
“Noticed what?”
“Wow, you really are oblivious to everything but sports.” Luke tapped his footpaw against the floor impatiently. Mat sighed again. “Look, have you ever seen him around with a girl, besides his sister?”
Luke shook his head. “No.” Mat nodded.
“One point. Second, have you noticed what happens when you or I talk about girls?”
Luke thought for a moment, then nodded. “Yeah, he always blushes a little, then shuts up. But that doesn’t mean anything.”
Mat shrugged. “Yeah, but have you seen the way he flirts with us?”
Luke’s jaw dropped for the second time in ten minutes. “With US? You’ve gotta be kidding me. Scott does not flirt with us.”
Mat laughed. “Oh, yes he does. He flirts with us all the time. Have you ever noticed how much he teases us about our girlfriends?”
The German shepherd nodded. “Well… yeah. But, we’ve been friends since first grade. That’s ten years! Surely he doesn’t wanna go out with one of us or anything. Right?”
Mat nodded. “I think he just likes to flirt. I don’t think he wants to go out with either of us. He just likes to tease around.”
Just then, the fox in question returned from the restroom, sporting his freshly colored nails. He grinned, elated. “Well? How’s it look?” Mat and Luke exchanged looks, and both laughed.
“It looks good, Scotty. It really does.”

Throughout the day, Scott retained his sense of excited enthusiasm. No one even seemed to notice his new fashion statement, besides a group of jocks that tried to pick a fight at lunch. A single look from Luke silenced the group, and Scott had no more trouble.
After school, the fox bid farewell to his friends, and caught the bus home. He entered the house, and made a bee line for the bathroom. Sasha would be home in half and hour or so, and he knew he had better clean off the stolen nail polish before she noticed. Scott pulled a bottle of nail polish remover out of the medicine cabinet and soaked several cotton balls, as he’d seen Sasha do on countless occasions. As the fox began to scrub the first nail on his left hand, he looked up at the mirror in front of him, and froze. His heart sank.
In the door behind him was Sasha. Scott’s pulse raced and he suddenly felt hot and dizzy. Slowly, he turned to face his older sister.
“I… I thought you had a class right now.”
The older fox shrugged. “The professor let us go early.” There was an awkward silence between the two siblings. Scott clenched his fists, hoping that maybe she wouldn’t say anything, that maybe she, somehow, hadn’t noticed the purple coloring. Finally, Sasha sighed.
“Scott, stop acting like you think I haven’t noticed.” The younger sibling bit his lip, feeling as if he would cry.
“S-sorry. I… I just… well… wanted to try it.” Sasha smiled at her brother’s stammered response.
“It’s okay. I don’t care.” A feeling of immense relief hit Scott like a ton of bricks.
“Really? You don’t?” His sister shook her head and smiled. “Then you won’t tell mom and dad?” She shook her head again, then laughed.
“I won’t tell anyone. Was this your first time to do this?” Scott nodded.
“Yeah. I’ve wanted to for a while now, but just got up the guts to try today.”
“Well, you picked a good color, at least.”
Scott blushed. “Really? You think so? It looks good?”
Sasha nodded again. “So, have you come out of the closet, finally?”
Scott gave his sister a stunned look. “You mean… you knew?” She nodded.
“Well, yeah. We’ve been hanging out together for all your life, and most of mine. I know you, Scott.”
“How… how could you tell I was… well… You know… Gay?”
“You flirt with everyone, except girls. You connect with girls, though, like you just wanna be friends, but nothing else. Around most guys, besides Mat and Luke, you stutter and stumble on your words. It’s like you don’t know how to act around them. You’ve always been like that.” Sasha crossed her arms and gave her little brother an amused look. “It’s as plain as day, Scotty.”
Scott blushed even more, his face now bright red under his fur. “Oh. I guess I didn’t hide it as well as I thought I did.”
Sasha laughed. “No, you didn’t.” She smiled. “I have an idea. Mom and dad are out of town, so why don’t you and I go to the mall tomorrow? I’m not gonna tell anyone about the nail polish, but I would prefer you not to keep using mine. So, we’ll go out and get you some tomorrow. I’ll keep it in my room for you, and you can use it when you want. Sound good?”
Scott nodded. He felt like he was going to cry, he was so happy. He hugged his sister, and she returned the favor. “Thanks, Sasha.”
The older fox patted her brother on the back. “No problem, bro.”

True to her word, the next day, Sasha and Scott stood outside the small fashion store in the mall. Sasha playfully slugged her brother on the shoulder. “Okay, you know the plan, right?” Scott nodded.
“Yeah. I just have to act like you dragged me along. I just need to act unenthusiastic and bored, right?”
“You’ve got it. Let’s go.” Scott hid his excited grin behind a mask of false boredom, and followed Sasha into the store. The duo stopped at the rack of nail polish. Sasha picked out a few, pretending to compare them while Scott stood beside her. Every now and then, the younger fox would give an almost imperceptible nod, and Sasha would put the approved vial in the “keep” pile. When they’d found five colors Scott liked, he discreetly passed his sister a ten dollar bill, and she paid for their buy, and left the store.
Sasha smiled at her brother’s look of ecstatic enthusiasm. “You wanna try one of ‘em?” Scott nodded, and she handed him the bag. Eagerly, he dug through it and picked out a glossy light red polish.
“I’ll be back in a second.” Scott tucked the bottle in his pocket and headed toward the restrooms. He was back a few minutes later, blowing on his wet nails to dry them. He held them out for his sister to inspect. She nodded and smiled.
“Not bad, but you need a little practice. You’ll get it down, though.” Scott grinned, pleased with himself.
“Thanks!” Scott’s stomach growled. “C’mon, I’ll buy lunch.” The two foxes got in line at one of the burger joints in the mall’s food court. They ordered their food, and then sat down at one of the open tables to wait for their food. As they waited, Scott looked up and felt a moment of panic. Entering the restaurant was the same band of jocks that had heckled the fox at school the previous day. Scott shrank down into his chair, but to no avail. As soon as the jocks entered, they gravitated toward the fox’s table.
“Hey, look who it is! It’s the sissy boy!” All of the jocks, except one jaguar in the back, laughed. “Look, he has his nails painted again! He really is a queer!” Scott felt tears building up in his eyes, and his fists clenched. Sasha suddenly stood up.
“Back off, dicks. He is NOT gay. I’m his girlfriend, and I painted his nails. Get a life and get out of here!” The jocks backed up. The jaguar behind the other jocks gave Scott and Sasha a relieved look as his buddies backed off. “Go away, and don’t bother him anymore!” The jocks, embarrassed and abashed, turned, and left the restaurant. The jaguar stayed behind for a moment, and dropped a crumpled napkin onto the fox’s table. He blushed through his spotted fur, then turned and followed his buddies.
The two foxes eyed the napkin. “So… Is there something written on it or anything?” Scott hesitantly picked it up and unfolded it.
Written on the paper was a cell phone number, a name, Horace, and the words “call me.” He showed it to Sasha, who shrugged. “Are you gonna call it?” Scott shrugged.
“Later. Right now, I think our food is ready.” Sasha nodded and stood up to go get it. “Sasha…” She looked down at her little brother. “Thanks again.”

Later that night, Scott pulled the napkin out of his pocket. Hesitantly, he dialed the number. It rang twice, and then someone answered.
“Um… Is this Horace?”
“Yeah. Who’s this?”
“It’s Scott, the fox from the mall.” There was a brief silence, then the feline spoke again.
“I didn’t know if you would call.” Scott laughed.
“Well, I’m not entirely sure why I did. What’s going on?” The jaguar sighed.
“Can I come over?”
“I guess so.”
“Where do you live?” Scott gave him the address, and they both hung up. Almost an hour later, the doorbell rang. Scott answered it, finding the feline on the steps. He let the jaguar into the house.
“So… What’s up? What was with the note and the number?” The jaguar sighed.
“I have to ask you a question first. Was that really your girlfriend that was with you today?”
Scott was about to answer when Sasha walked in. She stopped when she saw the jaguar. “Oh… Hi.” The feline gave a shaky wave.
Scott finally answered the question. “Horace, this is my sister, Sasha.” The feline let out a deep, relieved sigh.
“Okay. Well, if that’s the case, I can tell the truth.” Scott and Sasha gave the cat confused looks. The feline took a deep breath. “I’m gay, too. I saw Scott with his nails painted yesterday, and I knew that he was, too.” Scott smiled, pleasantly surprised.
“Yeah. I… I thought I was the only one, but I guess not.” The feline laughed. “I’m not alone anymore!” Both boys laughed, and Sasha smiled as she watched them.
“Why don’t you stay the night, Horace? We can call it a party.” The feline nodded to Sasha’s invitation.
“I’d love to! If it’s okay with Scott…” The fox nodded, overjoyed. Sasha picked up her cell phone.
“Great! Now then, what kind of pizza should we get?”

Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Tell me it's over, I'll still love you the same
Call me your favorite, call me the worst
Tell me it's over, I don't want you to hurt.
It's all I can say, so I'll be on my way.
-Shinedown, "Call Me"

Time can never mend
The careless whispers of a good friend
To the heart and mind,
Ignorance is kind
And there's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find.
-Seether, "Careless Whispers"

2 Re: Not Alone Anymore on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:58 pm


cool story ^.^

3 Re: Not Alone Anymore on Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:04 pm


Man alive that was cool reading Very Happy thanks Kayle it's rather inspiring :3

4 Re: Not Alone Anymore on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:09 am


Thank you, thank you very much. I love you all and... nevermind.

Thanks for the comments.

Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Tell me it's over, I'll still love you the same
Call me your favorite, call me the worst
Tell me it's over, I don't want you to hurt.
It's all I can say, so I'll be on my way.
-Shinedown, "Call Me"

Time can never mend
The careless whispers of a good friend
To the heart and mind,
Ignorance is kind
And there's no comfort in the truth
Pain is all you'll find.
-Seether, "Careless Whispers"

5 Re: Not Alone Anymore on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:12 am


I love you all? ..............*cough*............

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