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Short Stories!

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26 Re: Short Stories! on Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:49 pm


good to hear

27 Re: Short Stories! on Wed Aug 11, 2010 3:34 am


kayle wrote:wow, good job on that one. It turned out really well. Uber sad, though...

thankyou very much... yes it is... i get scared by this kind of nightmare, when it involves real people that i hold close... Sad and

....LOL dat Razz

28 Re: Short Stories! on Wed Aug 11, 2010 7:04 am


Once apon a time a princess was SO UGLY that everyone didn't die
they served under her (Litteraly, her body fat covered them), feeding her food.
Then she exploded.

29 Re: Short Stories! on Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:58 pm


haha, just remember not to go incredibly off topic, this is a serious thing where people post their work. X3

30 Re: Short Stories! on Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:58 pm


Chapter 8
~Kindran and Niala~

Kindran was still baffled to the sudden disappearance of his new friend, Nyyrikkia. Her harsh and terror filled words still ringing in his ears as he began climbing a large oak tree.


Kindran, GO, it is too dangerous for you to be here now, leave, run fast, RUN!
Nyyrikkia left him sitting alone in the rapidly cooling water and his heart felt sore with loneliness. His only friend was telling him to leave? He watched as she erased her solid dragon form into the jet-black mist he first encountered. Only this time Nyyrikkia wasn’t black, she was white and glowing as a black mist surrounded her and six pairs of luminescent red eyes of her shadow monsters followed as the mist dived into the forest. Kindran heard growls and anger inside the forest clearing and then a mutter of words. Although he didn’t want too, it sounded like Nyyrikkia really meant it when she told him to run. So he did.
Up along the river he ran, his paw pads gentle on the soft soil of the riverbank. He began to slow down as the river’s neck narrowed into a creek and he leapt over the now icy water; wandering into his forest.


He was high up in the Oak tree and his veins began glowing brightly, plants and flowers around him beginning to glow as well. He loved having the ability to make nature his candlelight, but he wasn’t so happy about this. He felt sorry and lonely, wanting to be able to help Nyyrikkia with her distress and anger. He felt it was his fault. Why was it is fault?
It’s always my goddamn FAULT!
He lashed out his anger on the sturdy tree branch, his claws digging deep into it and biting the dry timber-like bark. His veins were glowing a violent purple and he leapt out of the tree and onto the ground again, pacing up and down through a shrubbery thicket.
He softly whispered curses at himself, swearing and growling under his breath; but was silenced by movement in the corner of his golden eye. He was watching the surroundings around him glow brightly as he felt the warmth and kindness of the presence and slowly he climbed another tree, moving high into the canopy and watching down as the creature walked, watching her surrounding home glow vibrantly.
Her ears were flicking like radars and her tail curled up to her back. It was dark, but the glowing luminescence of the plants held her form in Kindran’s sights. She was a tigress, kindly and caring from what Kindran could feel. He smiled faintly and silently moved closer to the feline.
She was sobbing and upset and Kindran wanted to help her.
Someone as beautiful as her should not have tears of sadness to intrude…
Kindran slid slyly out of the treetops and into a mini forest of tree ferns and crouched in amongst them.
The tigress stumbled a little and Kindran gasped softly as she fell to the ground, she was still awake though, breathing shallowly and slowly, watching all around her in awe.
She had collapsed herself under a tree fern; close to the one Kindran was crouched under. He smiled and his tongue licked his lips, moistening his dry scales.
She really is beautiful…what is it about her…something is different…
Without realizing it, his scales were glowing a bright purple, the fern the tigress was lying under began illuminating a faded lime green, though bright. The tigress was purple; he could see her difference now and his heart leapt in happiness, as he understood why this creature had such a kind aura.
He crept forward to get a better glance, slowly creeping up behind her. He could smell her fur and its floral scent made him smile. He’d never smelt something so sweet.
“It nerves me when strangers sneak and snoop behind my back…” The next thing Kindran knew he was pinned to the floor by the tigress and her warm breath enveloped his muzzle. Her paw was at his throat and her claws extended and he lay there, seemingly rather helpless as the tigress examined him.
“I wasn’t intending to do anything… honest,” He breathed in deeply and felt the claws on his throat press down harder. “Please miss, I didn…” The tigress let go of his throat and just sat on top of his stomach.
“I know” She smiled down at him and her paws traced his veins softly and the moonlight caught his scales, the reflection of the light off of his body shimmering into her bright blue eyes. “What are you?” She looked at him in amazement.
“An outcast…” Kindran’s voice was saddened and regretful.
“Really? You look more scaly to me” She replied with a bubbly happy tone. Her tail curled around his leg before she slid off of his stomach, but her paws still held him down. “But if it’s any consolation I’m an outcast too… you don’t see many of me around.”
“Cat-snake mutated in a military experiment.” He stated before she continued. The tigress’s head slowly turned and she crawled back onto his stomach, her head leaning over his and her eyes staring thoughtfully into his eyes. He couldn’t help it as his veins began glowing again and the tigress looked down, an amused look on her face.
“I thought you looked a feline.” There was something about her smile that made Kindran smile too. She hadn’t done anything to make him happy or smile. But he did.
“What’s your name?” Kindran enquired. He tilted his head, getting a better look at his ‘captor’s’ eyes.
“Niala. And don’t bother asking what you’re going to ask next,” She smiled and got comfortable onto his body, resting on top of him as he lay on his back. Kindran seemed rather confused as to why she was so intimate and confident upon him, he was an utter stranger and so was she.
“I was born like this, and with a special ability or two, shunned by my family and my mother was lost, I had no friends. Not till about a few days ago, a dear dragon-“
“Nyyrikkia? Was that her name?” Kindran interrupted.
“Yes, Nyyrikkia, but I had to leave her not a few hours ago. I don’t know why.”
Kindran saw that the once bubbly excited tigress was sad and his veins began fading into a deeper purple glow. Next thing he knew, Niala was nuzzling her head against his neck scales. Her fur was so soft and her ears flicked, a leaf falling out from behind them and onto the ground beside his paw.
“Niala? You dropped something.” His smile came back and he nodded his head to the leaf beside his paw. It was a rather unique looking leaf too, purple as she was and perm and healthy. Niala turned her head to the leaf and relaxed her head onto Kindran’s shoulder. He rather enjoyed the feeling he was getting, this affection he was getting from Niala made him feel happier than he had ever been. She thanked Kindran and scooped the leaf into her paw, purring as she did. Kindran leant his head up to Niala’s and tried what she had done to him, rubbing his smooth scales on the top of his head through the soft fur on her neck. He smiled like a kitten, purring and feeling uplifted, her warmth was like the comfort he never had and she smiled at him.
She placed the leaf back behind her ear and felt a sudden lapse in energy, falling off of Kindran’s side and onto the ground.
“Nia? Are you alright?” He panicked when she didn’t respond and he nuzzled into her neck.


31 Re: Short Stories! on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:19 pm


Yay they meeted!

Nao to entertain nyy, I shall make a short story.

So there was a wolf named buddy at school one day. He has lots of strange friends. One of them decided it was random present day. She was all giggly one morning and buddy didn't know why. So he was eating his breakfast and suddenly, a little plushie wolf pounced his face! It was a really cute thing. Buddy huggled that plushie then his day was made nice.

The end.

err...yea really short...also a true story...wuffles


32 Re: Short Stories! on Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:27 pm

Jadis Anikeria Ornitier

lolololol nice one buddy XD

Rawr!!!! :3

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33 Re: Short Stories! on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:17 pm


thx nyy! Razz

Now for a new story while tff is slow.

There was once 3 jaguar anthro friends walkin around in a little town called Margia. They all decided it would be funny to look the same sense they had the same fur, same eye color, and they were all about 5foot9. One was named Edd, another was named Matt, and the last was named...what. We join there little adventure as they get off the bud bud bus. (say that ten times fast)
[what] hey matt!
[Matt] Hey What?
[What] wut you wanna do here?
[Matt] Um....tease the locals?
[Edd] naww, we are here to play.
[What] Be quite Edd! I was talking to my good friend matt
[Matt] Uh...
[Edd] And I was telling you what we are here for. So be quiet and follow my lead.
[Matt] Hey guys?
[Edd and What] What?
[Matt] There's a huge group of anthros over there (points at a holiday inn)
[What] Oh yea the fur con....yea I guess we could go...
[Edd] Pfft, I wouldn't waste my money there.
[Matt] Well...what can we all agree to do?
[Edd] Dump what in a sewer and go play at an arcade is what I vote on
[What] Go to the fur con with out Edd
[Matt] Will you two stop fighting? You guys are acting like a bunch of kids!
[Edd/What] I am not fighting with that loser, hes not worth my time!....Stop copying me! Shut up! Die! *they start tackling each other*
[Matt] *Pulls them apart* Ok, stop or we can all go home.
[Edd] But...I wanna spend the day with you and today is my only day off this week.
[What] I wanna spend the day with you cause its my last day here.
[Matt] you can both spend the day with me if you stop fighting each other! One more time and I am going home with out you two.
[Edd/What] *look at each other*
[Edd] Truce? *extends a paw to what*
[What] No! *slaps away Edd's paw* I am going home. Its obvious I am not welcome here. *Crosses arms and waits for the next bus.
*Some guy comes up to what*
[Some guy] Excuse me sir, what is your name?
[what] What.
[some guy] What is your name?
[What] why do you wish to know?
[Some guy] My friend way over there wants to know. *Points at a anthro wolf hiding behind a pole shyly*
[What] What.
[Some guy] I said...
[What] No, my name is what.
[Some guy] I don't know your name, whats your name?
[What] WHAT!
[Some guy] How many times must I...
[What] Sir, my name is what! Not whats my name, my name is what! *pulls out license and shows it to the guy*
[Some guy] Why good sir, I am sorry I didn't catch on... I am George and my friend over there is Chris
[What] Nice to meet you, this is Edd the loser and that is my good friend matt.
[Matt] How do you do
[Edd] Its just Edd and hi.
[George] Nice to meet you all. *shouts for Chris to come over*
[Chris] *Shyly walks over as commanded*
[George] Hes a little shy but he is really cool.
[Chris] Hello guys.
[Matt] Hi Chris, I am Matt, this is What, and this is Edd.
[What/Edd] How do you do friend?
[Chris] I am good...*said nervously*
[Matt] There's no need to fear, we are friendly.
[Chris] Sorry, I am not use to being around others.
[Matt] Ah I see. I was the same 2 years ago.
[Chris] Really? you?
[Matt] Oh yes. I use to lock my self in the closet cause I thought every one wanted to eat me or something. I was way wrong. There is nothing to fear.
[Chris] I hope I can see things the way you do in the feature.
[Matt] You will if you give things a try with lots of ambition.
[Chris] Ill give it a try right now and head on over to that fur con right now!
[Matt] Go for it friend.
[Chris] *Stops shaking nervously and stands up straight and heads off to the convention after saying his good byes to his new friends*
[Matt] We still need something to do.
[Edd] I think we should all go to the convention.
[What] Eh...I hate to admit it but I agree with Edd.
[Matt] Well now, that settles it. Lets go.
They all go to the fur convention. When they reach the doors, they wonder what happened to George and they meet up with Chris who has made a boat load of friends and was having a good time. What and Edd became better friends and moved in with Matt. Chris surprisingly joined them and the four of them went on happy...till the convention ended then they were sad for a while but they were happy together.


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